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How big is your meat axe?

14 Jun

Abouts 72 inches.

A Meat Axe is a type of adjustable arm that is often attached to a studio catwalk or lighting grid, though it can be attached to all sorts of things thanks to its handy C-Clamp. I haven’t seen many requests for this in the field, though.  Kinda anticlimactic, eh?

Meat Axe Arm (Matthews Studio)

 A Meat Axe Flag is a type of “cutter”, like a 4×4 Floppy or a 2×3 Solid Flag that goes on the Meat Axe Arm and is usualy either 24″x48″ or 30″x36..

Meat Axe Flag

Tip: When either asking for a Meat Axe or taking an order for one, make sure you clarify whether it is for the arm, the flag, or both.