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Combo Stands: What the Hell is a Lollipop Head?

13 Mar

There are two stands which some people call combo stands, but only one of these is truly a combo.

A true combo stand has a junior receiver and a lollipop head, thus combo. This way, it can be used to mount larger instruments with junior pins, or for mounting large flags or overhead frames.

Combo Head

The stand that is often mislabeled a combo also has a junior receiver, but instead of a lollipop it has a baby pin and is called, well, a junior stand with a baby pop-up. This allowed one stand to handle both the larger fixtures with big old junior pins, and the smaller fixtures with the little baby receivers. (I think that a second term might also be “mimbo stand”, but due to poor note taking skills I’m not totally sure on that one.)

Junior Receiver with Baby Pop-Up pin

If you send out the wrong combo, you can really mess up a production, so always ask what the stand is going to be used for. If you’re not absolutely sure, you can always send out some handy accessories.

If you’re sending out a combo, include a Baby Pin. You’ve seen this one before, right?

If you’re sending out a Junior with a pop-up, send out a separate lollipop head.

That way, all your bases are covered, and you don’t have to make an emergency run out to location.

So hope this helps, and good luck!



Free T-Shirt!

15 Jun

I have a T-Shirt to give away. Yes, I know, just one. I was trying out a new vendor. S’okay. Its black, XL Tee with the following (except with tighter spacing because if the blog setting):



plural grip·ol·o·gies

Etymology: New Latin gripologia,

from gripo- + -logia -logy

1: the science of grip and electric
2a: the mental or behavioral habits

of gaffers and electricians

b : the study of grip and electric in

relation to a particular field of knowledge

or activity
3: a theory or system of gripology

I’m going to try a second vendor to see if I can get a better deal, and then I’ll hopefully have a lot more!

Invitation to become a Gripology Author

9 Jun

Apparently I can set up this site so that other people can post new, er, posts. If anyone is interested, just drop me an email at and we can talk!


designing a grip room from scratch

9 Jun

Since imagecraft may be moving to a new, more consolidated location in the next month, I have the opportunity to set up the grip area the way I want to. Or at least the way I want to and is approved by the big boss. So my question is, the best way to store c-stands, combo stands etc so that they are accessible, and don’t fall over like huge metal dominoes when I inevitably knock into them. Anyone encounter the same question? Solutions? Suggestions? Salutations?

Life in the trenches….

1 Jun

Spent some quality time in the 5-Ton today prepping it to go out on a job. Injury count: One twisted ankle sustained when I hit my foot with a ballbuster (35lb sandbag), and a sore nose/bruised ego when I managed to smack myself in the nose with a chain vicegrip. Overall, not bad. Any day spent in the grip truck in which I don’t end up bleeding is a good one. A co-worker of mine commented that he was amazed I had managed to survive this long. I think its amazing that the people around me have managed to survive this long.

Chain Vicegrip

Swag is on the way!

30 May

I ordered a few shirts, postcards and a pen (the pen was free). I’ll be handing out t-shirts in the weeks to come.

Hi hi hi!

27 May

Okay, we’re up! Its a bit more complicated, so hopefully everything will go peachy.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

27 May

Like the wise mister Petty said “the waiting is the hardest part.”

(Tho for a while, I thought he had been saying “The wading was the hardest part.” Not quite as profound.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

27 May

Focal agreed to send my proposal on to review! Its just another two to three week wait! Sigh. At least I can relax for the next two to three weeks.

Has anyone heard the term “Treadmill” in relation to a greenscreen drop cloth?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

27 May

In contact with a chap at Focal Press and I hope to hear from him by the end of the week. I’ve been obsessively checking my email for days. I’m also moving to new digs this weekend, so I’ll be off line for a few days as I get set up in the new house.

I’m still collecting phrases to include, so if you have any, send them to