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Combo Stands: What the Hell is a Lollipop Head?

13 Mar

There are two stands which some people call combo stands, but only one of these is truly a combo.

A true combo stand has a junior receiver and a lollipop head, thus combo. This way, it can be used to mount larger instruments with junior pins, or for mounting large flags or overhead frames.

Combo Head

The stand that is often mislabeled a combo also has a junior receiver, but instead of a lollipop it has a baby pin and is called, well, a junior stand with a baby pop-up. This allowed one stand to handle both the larger fixtures with big old junior pins, and the smaller fixtures with the little baby receivers. (I think that a second term might also be “mimbo stand”, but due to poor note taking skills I’m not totally sure on that one.)

Junior Receiver with Baby Pop-Up pin

If you send out the wrong combo, you can really mess up a production, so always ask what the stand is going to be used for. If you’re not absolutely sure, you can always send out some handy accessories.

If you’re sending out a combo, include a Baby Pin. You’ve seen this one before, right?

If you’re sending out a Junior with a pop-up, send out a separate lollipop head.

That way, all your bases are covered, and you don’t have to make an emergency run out to location.

So hope this helps, and good luck!