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Still having trouble remembering how to log in

20 Jun

Pretty sad, eh?

I have slowly and painfully come to the realization that I should probably learn more about camera grip. Bleh. Sometimes I just don’t feel like learning anything else. My job at Imagecraft has forced me to learn about all sorts of stuff I don’t want to know (audio for instance. There are so many parts!), and a lot of stuff I didn’t know I wanted to know (oddly, audio again), and a lot of stuff I didn’t know I didn’t want to know (you still following? That would be distro BTW).

Where was I?

Oh, so I think that having some posts on camera grip would be a good idea.


Free T-Shirt!

15 Jun

I have a T-Shirt to give away. Yes, I know, just one. I was trying out a new vendor. S’okay. Its black, XL Tee with the following (except with tighter spacing because if the blog setting):



plural grip·ol·o·gies

Etymology: New Latin gripologia,

from gripo- + -logia -logy

1: the science of grip and electric
2a: the mental or behavioral habits

of gaffers and electricians

b : the study of grip and electric in

relation to a particular field of knowledge

or activity
3: a theory or system of gripology

I’m going to try a second vendor to see if I can get a better deal, and then I’ll hopefully have a lot more!

How big is your meat axe?

14 Jun

Abouts 72 inches.

A Meat Axe is a type of adjustable arm that is often attached to a studio catwalk or lighting grid, though it can be attached to all sorts of things thanks to its handy C-Clamp. I haven’t seen many requests for this in the field, though.  Kinda anticlimactic, eh?

Meat Axe Arm (Matthews Studio)

 A Meat Axe Flag is a type of “cutter”, like a 4×4 Floppy or a 2×3 Solid Flag that goes on the Meat Axe Arm and is usualy either 24″x48″ or 30″x36..

Meat Axe Flag

Tip: When either asking for a Meat Axe or taking an order for one, make sure you clarify whether it is for the arm, the flag, or both.

Wooden Nick-EL

10 Jun

Apologies to the folks over at Wooden Nickel Lighting for my little mis-spelling of their name in my links.All better!

(If it weren’t for spell check, my posts would be waaay more interesting.)

Oh, and I added a Rental House Blues section for all you shop techs, rental agents, and of course, renters.

Invitation to become a Gripology Author

9 Jun

Apparently I can set up this site so that other people can post new, er, posts. If anyone is interested, just drop me an email at and we can talk!


designing a grip room from scratch

9 Jun

Since imagecraft may be moving to a new, more consolidated location in the next month, I have the opportunity to set up the grip area the way I want to. Or at least the way I want to and is approved by the big boss. So my question is, the best way to store c-stands, combo stands etc so that they are accessible, and don’t fall over like huge metal dominoes when I inevitably knock into them. Anyone encounter the same question? Solutions? Suggestions? Salutations?

Life in the trenches….

1 Jun

Spent some quality time in the 5-Ton today prepping it to go out on a job. Injury count: One twisted ankle sustained when I hit my foot with a ballbuster (35lb sandbag), and a sore nose/bruised ego when I managed to smack myself in the nose with a chain vicegrip. Overall, not bad. Any day spent in the grip truck in which I don’t end up bleeding is a good one. A co-worker of mine commented that he was amazed I had managed to survive this long. I think its amazing that the people around me have managed to survive this long.

Chain Vicegrip