Hello and welcome to the party!

If you’re new to Gripology, I invite you to leave a post and say hi! If you have any topics you’d like to suggest, or even if you’d be willing to become a guest author, just let me know either by leaving a post or emailing me directly at gripologybook@yahoo.com.

There’s no other place where gaffers, PAs, grips, producers. electricians, DPs and those very under appreciated rental house slaves (like me!) can come together and learn about those shiny things that hurt when you look right at them (no, not the sun), and all the bits and pieces that hold those shiny things together. And I don’t mean just gaff tape.

If you get the gaff tape joke, you’re in the right place. And surprise! If you don’t get the gaff tape joke you’re really in the right place. Here, no question is too silly, as long as its about grip and electric. And maby basic stuff about location sound and EFP cameras, becasue I know a little about that stuff too.



14 Responses to “Welcome”

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